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Chris Carlson

Chris has been working in the video game industry over a decade, variously as a producer, data analyst, and product designer & manager... other words, he has no idea how he wound up hosting a podcast about cults. But it probably has something to do with his insatiable curiosity, spiritual love for science, and a personal dedication to rational skepticism, all of which significantly pre-date his dayjob career choices. He is also a big podcast fan, and wishes he could hang out with Dan Carlin and/or steal Roman Mars' voice.

He is responsible for most of CoJW's awful tweeting and other social media posts.



Kayla is a TV writer and assistant whose love of all things niche and weird has been with her since day one.

Cult or Just Weird was conceived from a lifelong tendency to deep dive headfirst into every new obsession, paired with a relationship to the internet not too dissimilar to life support. The show's idea took shape and was refined over a series of in depth conversations with her cohost Chris. Equipped with a deep, deep repository of potential episode topics, Kayla’s excited to share her obsessions with the world. When she isn’t down an internet rabbit hole— ok, let’s be real, she’s always down an internet rabbit hole— Other passions in Kayla’s life include social justice, cats, and her other podcast, Pretty Gross.

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